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Within our reach lies every path
we ever dream of taking.
Within our power lies every step
we ever dream of making.
Within our range lies every joy
we ever dream of seeing.
Within ourselves lies everything
we ever dream of being.
   ~ Amanda Bradley




Core communications is about telling yourself the truth at the core of your being. Authentic communication begins with telling yourself the truth. What are your feelings at the core of your being? No judgment, just allow your self to feel and tell your self the truth.

When you can be totally honest with yourself, then you can be honest with the rest of the world. Every emotion is just energy. It is what we associate with the emotion that can stop us. If we allow ourselves to feel what we are actually feeling, whether we think the emotion is good or bad or should not be feeling that way…just allow yourself to feel it, all of it, and let the feeling take you where you need to go. That might be crying or screaming or feeling intense love. Tell yourself the truth. What do I think, what do I feel. Ride the wave of the feeling. You will have a new awareness and insight and move forward.

The Tree
The tree on my website is from the picture by David Lorenz Winston titled Solitude. I love the stillness in this picture. One must be quiet and have quiet moments in their life to listen. When you listen to and follow your internal guidance system, your life flows. Who are you at the core of your being with out the facades, the cover-ups and blocks? Who are you and what do you stand for? This tree grounds me in my truth, connects me to Spirit and deeply routes me in my being.

The Angel
The angel picture is taken by Katarina Lewis and is titled Surrender. It represents openness, letting go, and surrendering to the Divine, to the flow of my life…without having to figure it out. Be in the flow – let your life unfold and trust in the Divine and the process.

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