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Thank You for today’s session. I am still in awe of what came out of our 45 minutes. Truly remarkable!  Your insights were extremely helpful, more than you know!! I am grateful. I have an index card with great take aways and my "why" clearly stated, it is quite exciting!! Words that help me tap into that transforming energy that I have longed to have access to on a more consistent basis. I know I have it now. WOW!!!   ~ Betsy C., Colorado


In addition to being extremely skilled, Kath is also highly intuitive.  This enables her to ask the questions the client needs to hear in order to get in touch with the client's inner core.  Kath's sensitivity allows her to guide the client to exactly where the client is ready to be.  You definitely make the right choice when you choose Kath Schnorr as your life coach!
~ Kandiss H., Colorado


Kath is blessed with two ears and one mouth and uses them in that balance; Kath listens more than she speaks.  I have discovered she carries within her a receptive and giving heart and a gift of understanding.  When I am done talking to her about joys or not-so-joyful moments, she manages to dig through to my core to discover reasons behind what I am experiencing; then will either congratulate or see me through my moments where I am needing encouragement.  I have experienced, after talking to Kath (who has such a soothing and healing voice), expressing what is on my heart; I walk away with more focus and more clarity to meet the challenges of my daily life.  ~ Rose R., Colorado


When I realize it's time to make a change in my life, I've found it often boils down to making a choice and commitment to it. Then I look for people to guide me along the way, and help me overcome the challenges than inevitable come up.

Kath has been incredibly instrumental in helping me create a job and career path that fed my soul. What originally seemed like an insurmountable goal, actually materialized just one year later. Kath helped me get in touch with the aspects of my work that I felt the most passionate about. She helped me see that I was truly good at it; and helped me recognize and move through the physical and emotional obstacles that got in the way of me achieving my goal.

Kath is my biggest fan. She sees me in the deepest sense and supports me until I've accomplished what I want and need. ~ Joan P., Colorado


Kath has been an inspiration and a valuable coach in my life. Her compassion, patience and incredible intuition has moved me greatly in being a better coach myself from working together over the last year. Kath has the gift to respectfully go to the hard places with me I don’t always want to look at and the gentle strength to push me to where I need to move to. She can call me on my stuff in a heart beat. As a result of Kath’s coaching, I’m better at experiencing the joys of where I’m at in life as opposed to always looking at what’s next.
~ Laurie, California, CPCC & Founder Intuitive Coaching Solutions - California


Kath and I have been buddy coaches throughout our Compass Team training. Every Tuesday, I look forward to our conversations. Unlike some other coaches I’ve met, Kath really knows how to listen; she hears what’s said and what isn’t. Her authentic style and down-to-earth nature make every moment real. There’s no hiding around with Kath. She’s an amazing woman juggling the busy demands of being a mom, wife, businesswoman, and friend. Did I mention she also has a heart of gold? I admire Kath tremendously and highly recommend her coaching services. ~ Kristi A. – Founding Compass Coach and Presidential Ambassador, Chicago


Compass is impacting lives everyday and I love being a part of that.  I especially look forward to meeting with my Compass Coach, Kath Schnorr.  Kath is the coach to have when you are ready to get out of your own way. It has been her coaching in particular that has held my feet to the fire, literally.   Her authenticity and passion is inspiring.  Her powerful presence and insights have helped me to gain the courage to reconnect with and honor my authentic voice.  Through our coaching I've experienced a level of conviction in my life I haven't felt in a long time, and I can't tell you what that means to me.  I am honored to be a part of her coaching groups and am looking forward to our continued work together. ~ Vicki Z., Colorado

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