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kath schnorr

"Kathy has an intuitive nature that
assists you when needed and a
way of keeping you on track
and focused on your goals."
~ Patty, Colorado



Hi, I’m Kath. Welcome!

Look around to learn a little bit about me, my coaching and my services. The first thing I want you to know is that…Yes…it is possible to live a life you love!

I am passionate about supporting women and teenagers to define and create their lives so it works for them…because I know it is possible.

Authentic conversation comes from telling yourself the truth. I learned this when I allowed myself to feel what was true for me, without trying to stop it or judge it, when my son was born with Down syndrome. Parenting a child with special needs, I learned to redefine my priorities; to celebrate the little things in life; and to accept and value myself and others for who we are. I know things happen for a reason and that each of us is born with a unique gift to contribute to the world.

I discovered coaching in 2002 and knew I had found my calling and the way to live the life of my dreams. I left my corporate job of over 20 years to start my coaching business and to be at home with my children. As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), I lead my clients back to themselves to connect to the core of their being; their soul; their authentic self.

There is a true sense of coming home when you connect to the core of your being, find your authentic self and grow into the life of your dreams. As your coach, I call forth the unique expression of your magnificence so you can impact your world. I hold you accountable and keep you moving forward toward your dreams. I assist you in transforming your life so that you are completely fulfilled and love your life now!

The truth is to enjoy and each of us is an integral part of the whole. Authentic success and joy comes when you are true to yourself and passionate about what you are doing to contribute your unique gift to the world.

I live in Black Forest, Colorado, with my husband and our wonderful children. I enjoy sailing, reading, being in nature and attending my kids sport activities.

Learn about the services I offer: individual, group coaching, special interest groups, or through presentations, workshops and teleclasses.

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